We are now introducing Quote of the Month. 

Each month the notes will be tallied and a graphic will be created to commemorate the most popular author and quote of that given month. Check out past months winners Isaac Asimov, Anis Mojgani, and Hunter S. Thompson.

*all graphics are created by Joel Amat Güell

Mind Control Seek Cloud 9


The Sound of the Needle as

it strikes the Record,

the soft Perfume wafting through the Hallway,

My Back to the Room behind me,

Eyes closed, caught in Space,

caught in the Place…

Where no Cities collapse,

Where my Friends explore the star stretched Oceans,

Where my Friends missed the War,

And I do not have to leave.

The Record stops, Needle retracts, end: Side C, Flying Lotus - You’re Dead!

-Jerry Harris III

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